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How to Import PBN or LIN Files into Shark Bridge

Sources: You can obtain PBN or LIN files from instructors, The Common Game, or BBO.

For iPhone/iPad Users:

  1. Locating the File:

    Access the email with the attached PBN or LIN file or find the file in your Files App.

  2. Opening the File:

    Tap (or tap and hold for older OS versions) the file name. From the prompt, select "Shark Bridge" as the app to open the file with.

  3. Accessing the Deal:

    Once inside Shark Bridge, navigate to the "Deal Library".

For Mac or PC Users:

  1. Saving the File:

    Open the email containing the PBN or LIN file and save the attachment to a known location on your computer. If your email software suggests opening the file directly with Shark Bridge, you can do so and skip the next step.

  2. Importing the File:

    Launch Shark Bridge and proceed to the "Deal Library". Click on "Import Pbn/Lin" located at the top left. Locate and select the saved file, then click "Open".

After Importing:

Imported files will be categorized into groups within the "Deal Library". To play, select the desired group, choose a specific deal, and:

  • Click "Replay" to start anew.
  • For hands with saved actions or tricks, click "Play" to resume where you left off.