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How to use Par Contract

The Par Contract module will tell you if the contract that you have played could have been made or set.

Go to Deal Analysis - touch/click on Calculate Par Contract ( note it might take a few seconds to compute the result). Now you can see how many tricks each side can take in any trump or NT contract.

An useful information, extracted from auction for every player, also will be displayed in "Auction and Signaling Interpretation"

On the same screen several actions such as Report, Email, Adding Notes and comments, Save Deal are available.

If you failed to make your contract and Par Contract shows you can, then replay the hand and find the solution, it exist. Not every solution is obvious or achievable on a live table, sometimes the solution hangs on a 50-50 chance, and you have no way of knowing which choice will work to your advantage. There are number of strategies to help you avoid wild guessing, you can learn a lot about those from here http://www.betterbridge.com/web. 

It is important to understand that Par Contract calculation is a double dummy process, the computer sees all hands. When the robots play they do not see all hands, thus there is no guarantee Shark will give you the hints to reach the solution. It is especially hard to find any given solution when defending. 

Example : 6H by East is the Par Contract for 980 points. Note that sacrifices are accounted for when Par Contract is calculated.