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How to open Deal Generator sets shared by teachers into Classroom hands module

Teachers can share with their students, not only files with hands, but also sets from Deal Generator. Generator sets can be loaded from Classroom hands module in the Shark Bridge App. The set can be used to practice a particular bidding situation.  Every time a next deal button is used, a new hand will be generated matching the conditions from the set.


How to access the sets Classroom hands

  1. Open Shark
  2. Click "Classroom Hands" 
  3. A screen like the one below comes up.
  1. By default, Shark Bridge Classroom comes up.
  2. If your teacher provided you with specific instruction on connecting to some other classroom, click "Select Classroom."
  3. To just play hands, use "Generate hands" button.
  4. 4. To save the set in your deal generator and play hands, use "Save & Generate hands" button. 
  5. When you are done playing and leave the table, you can reload or modify the set from Deal Generator tab on the top of the screen.



  • Terrific addition to how to play with your app. Lucky to have your site.

    Ruth MacBean
  • I really found these updates useful … thanks for taking the time to produce them.

    Ruth MacBean

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