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How to create bridge tables

On the right-hand side of Shark's Console, you can see the green 'Add Table' button. Click it, and it will open 'Add Table' popup window. 


The new table screen is self-explanatory. Once you adjust it, the settings are remembered for next time, click “Add” 

You will see one table pop up in its own window. That is the Teacher's table. The rest get listed on the left of the Console control panel.

If the Teacher's Table is already opened, you just add the number of tables you are requesting. 

At any time during your lesson, you can add and remove student tables. 

Important Note: The system will automatically add tables if required to seat students.

Update tables' setting after they are created: Right click on Add Table button to et the update settings screen. It let's you adjust various parameters on the fly. After you are ready with the adjustments, just click on Update button.