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How to make the seating a bit more fun!

So far seating players turns out to be one of the more frustrating parts of Shark Bridge. The main reasons are that the studentsare  unable to navigate the classroom link, or they are not seated with their desired partner, or they have an older Internet Explorer that will just not load the site. And then there are those that jump in right away and wait to be seated or sit at a table with no cards. 

You can make it a bit more fun and pre-load a hand that can start playing on the fly.  Here is how!

Start as usual and add one table at the start of the session, before the students are invited. Make that table Teacher Assigned Seats. You will end up with a console screen with one table and a Teacher's table, see the image below. 

Now load a deal ( something on a topic from the previous lesson or some fun one). Adjust the Control Panel as shown on the image. Choose from Auto Seat Students -> 1 per table, the position depends on the deal you load, and press Run Robots.

Invite your students now. As soon as they start coming in they will be seated alone and they can start playing a hand, while you deal with getting everyone connected. Tables will be added automatically as needed. If a student requests to seat with a partner and she/he is already at a table, then the student is seated across at the same table.

When you are ready to begin the lesson, press “Stop Play,” switch the seating by going to the dropdown menu and change from 1 per table to Auto Seat Students. Load the first hand, and let it roll.

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