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Partial hands trickery from Morris "Mojo" Jones (BridgeMoJo.com)

Thanks to Morris for sharing his partial hand technique for Shark and a .pbn file with his hands from ACBL Bridge Series "Play of the Hand" lesson 3

You can click here to download and import the hands. 


A common question we get is: "How can we start the play from where we want it and have the student play it as declarer?" and we had always answered, "it is tricky, and it needs more coding on our end". Morris figured it out without a single line of code. 

Here is the kind of hands MoJo uses with his classes.

In that hand the suit to be played around with is spades. But notice the ace of clubs and three small in each hand. It is the card that helps you set the lead from where you need it. When you build your partial hand, set the student as the declarer and use an extra trick to set where the lead comes from. Read further down for an example of double entry. 

Now load this hand with 'Play pre-set Tricks' and see how all fits in place. This is the resulting bridge position on the Teacher's console.  Naturally, you can play around with right-clicking cards and create various positions. 

Here is what it looks like on the student's end. 


Here is an example of a pratial hand with two entries. 




If you are wondering how do we remove the auction from the student's table, do it with the Misc Hide Auction on the Add Table screen below.

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